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21 Days of Kindness

In honor of Dan’s upcoming birthday, we are excited to bring back the Kindness Challenge. Last year, we asked our friends and family to perform acts of kindness in Dan’s honor as a birthday gift – this year, we are upping the stakes a bit because we know how much Dan was looking forward to his 21st birthday!!

So, for the 21 days leading up to Dan’s 21st birthday we challenge you to practice kindness. Buy a coffee for the person behind you at Dunks, help a neighbor shovel their driveway, buy a few extra non-perishable goods at the supermarket and donate them to your local food pantry. (Shameless plug… the Martin Elementary School is holding a Food Drive February 22nd-26th) Then let us know what you did and we will enter you in a random drawing to win a donation of $2,100 to your favorite public school or youth organization. It could be an elementary, middle, or high school; a youth sports organization; a music program; an arts program; etc. The only restriction is that the organization must in some way provide opportunities for young people to cultivate curiosity, support healthy competition, and develop meaningful connections.

How To Participate:

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Daniel James Hollis Foundation, Inc. and in continuing Dan’s legacy of kindness to all.

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