Gucci Belt

Gucci Belt is a short film created by Surya Sundararajan recreating the experience of Dan’s Emerson teammate Alex Hrisanthopoulous.

This film was made to both remember Dan and illustrate about how people choose to remember the ones close to their heart when they pass.

We think you will agree that this short film captures the myriad of raw emotions from that time and honors Dan’s memory and impact on those he loved.

Remembering 27

Emerson Channel Sports produced this tribute video reflecting on the many things that made Dan special as a teammate and a friend – and how they’re keeping his spirit with them

2020 Hopedale High School Yearbook Dedication

The 2020 graduating class of Hopedale Junior-Senior High School dedicated the sports section of the yearbook to Dan’s memory.

More Than A Save

A beautiful entry from Dan’s friend and Teammate Bailey Kennedy’s blog, Between the Pipes.

Memorial Video

Emerson student, film maker, lacrosse player, and close friend of Dan, Austin DiPietro captures Dan through a collection of video and pictures.

Local News

Inaugural Daniel J. Hollis Outstanding Teammate Award & Scholarship

Congratulations to Zoe Anthanasopoulos and Blake Moxim first recipients of the Daniel J. Hollis Outstanding Teammate Award and Scholarship.Men’s Lacrosse Team Shuns Razors to Honor a Teammate

2nd Annual Golf Tournament

“He’d love seeing this” CBS News

Golf Tournament honors Emerson College Student – WCVB-TV

Remembering Daniel Hollis – Golf Tournament Pays Tribute to Late Emerson Student

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