Criminal Investigation Update

For the last five months, Jason, Kate, and all of our family and friends have had to process the loss of our Daniel.  As far too many people know, the loss of a child and someone so full of life is a pain unlike any other. Compounding our situation has been the fact that we did not know for certain what happened to Dan as he left his friend’s apartment in Alston in the early hours of Saturday, September 28th on his way to get food at the local McDonalds with his friends.  As an on-going criminal investigation, we were not privy to the witness interviews, surveillance footage, or medical reports the homicide squad of the Boston Police Department was collecting and the DA’s office was analyzing. We respected the investigation process and waited for the professionals to complete their work. We are very grateful to our investigation team and know how hard they worked to bring those responsible for Dan’s death to justice.

Sadly, the grand jury did not vote in favor of indictment regarding the individual(s) who were involved in the attack that caused irreparable brain damage and ultimately Dan’s death.  We still do not have all of the answers to our questions of what took place that night but will be able to finally sit down with our investigative team and learn what they discovered in the near future.

We are in shock.  We are angry. We are sad.  And we have no further comment until we learn more about the evidence collected during the investigation.  We ask for privacy for both our family and our friends as we navigate yet another crushing blow.  

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