The 2021 DJH Outstanding Teammate Award & Scholarship Presentation

It was a sincere pleasure to attend the Hopedale Jr-Sr High School’s Sports Night for the Class of 2021.  The young men and women of the Class of 2021 have had an extraordinary high school experience, full of challenges and rewards.  We at the DJH Foundation wish them all the best as they move forward.  

The Daniel J. Hollis Outstanding Teammate Scholarship and Award was created to not only honor Dan’s memory, but to honor those student-athletes who consistently demonstrated the following attributes over their athletic career:

  1. Leadership on and off the field
  2. Selfless play
  3. Dedication and commitment to the team
  4. Overall love for the game

In addition, it was incredibly important to us at the foundation that the recipients of this award be nominated by their peers, the student-athletes of Hopedale.  We believe Dan embodied these attributes and were told many times through letters, messages, and phone calls of the lasting impact Dan had made on his teammates and opposing teams.  Dan acted in kindness and love for the game and his teammates.  He genuinely cared about his fellow teammates and was known to look out for the younger players, welcome athletes from other towns into the “group”, and be a great role model and “hype” man for the team.  

The Foundation was thrilled to award Bianca Fitch and Trevor Hibbert with the DJH Outstanding Teammate Award for 2021 as well as individual scholarships for $1,500.  Bianca and Trevor were leaders on the playing field and among their teammates.  We applaud the student-athletes of Hopedale High School for choosing such well-deserving student-athletes for this award and scholarship.  We are confident that Bianca and Trevor will continue to lead with kindness and love well past their days at Hopedale Jr-Sr High School.

Please join us in congratulating Bianca Fitch, Trevor Hibbert, and the entire Class of 2021.

 “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”

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