Remembering 27

Our deep appreciation to the Emerson Sports Channel and the Emerson Men’s Lacrosse Team for their moving tribute, “Remembering 27”: And thank you to for the ongoing coverage of Dan’s story: The DJH Foundation looks to continue Dan’s legacy of making a positive impact and is excited to share we will beContinue reading “Remembering 27”

Hopedale Lacrosse Remembers

I’ve heard many people describe the first year after a loved one’s death as the “year of firsts”, first holiday, first birthday, etc. without their loved one. As painful as these firsts can be, there is some small relief with their passing. While those special events are forever changed because Dan is no longer physicallyContinue reading “Hopedale Lacrosse Remembers”

The Perfect Gift for Dan’s Birthday

Dan would have celebrated his 20th birthday on March 9, 2020. In honor of his special day, we are hoping at least 20 people will perform an act of kindness in Dan’s memory. Document your act of kindness by tagging @DanielJHollisFoundation on Instagram or @djhfoundationinc on Facebook and make sure to use the hashtag #20Gifts4DJH.Continue reading “The Perfect Gift for Dan’s Birthday”

Interview with WCVB

We are very grateful to Maria Stephanos of WCVB for her ongoing support. In another example of how small this world can be, Maria is closely connected to one of Dan’s former hockey coaches and reached out to us to share Dan’s true story. While we understand the community’s interest in Dan’s story, we haveContinue reading “Interview with WCVB”

Criminal Investigation Update

For the last five months, Jason, Kate, and all of our family and friends have had to process the loss of our Daniel.  As far too many people know, the loss of a child and someone so full of life is a pain unlike any other. Compounding our situation has been the fact that weContinue reading “Criminal Investigation Update”

Fostering Curiosity – EmersonWRITES

College provided Dan the freedom to explore his creative interests in a way he had never been comfortable or able to do in high school.  He was incredibly grateful for the many opportunities he had already encountered as a student at Emerson and looked forward to continuing to expand his world view through the furtherContinue reading “Fostering Curiosity – EmersonWRITES”

“Back to the 90s” Fundraiser

Please join us on Saturday, February 22nd from 7 pm to 12 am for a “Back to the 90s” Fundraiser as we celebrate Jamie Gornstein Tighe’s 2020 Boston Marathon Run for the Daniel J. Hollis Foundation and the Mike Weaver Helping Friends Forever Foundation.  The funds raised will establish the Daniel J. Hollis Outstanding TeammateContinue reading ““Back to the 90s” Fundraiser”

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