“Truth will come to light…At length the truth will out.” William Shakespeare

It has been over a year since we lost Daniel.  On February 28, 2020, we were devastated when the Suffolk County Grand Jury issued a No Bill and did not indict on any charges related to Dan’s death.  At that time, we felt that there was no justice for our son, our family, and all those who Dan loved and loved him in return.  We carried on, because we knew that is what Dan would want us to do and we focused our energy on building the DJH Foundation and encouraging good acts for young people in our community.  But we did not forget and we carried the disbelief and anger like a boulder chained around our necks. 

In early June, we were contacted by a detective from the Boston Police Department who wanted to connect us with an agent from NCIS.  We were told the military was taking over the investigation since Samuel London was a Marine Corps reservist on active duty when Dan was attacked.  Over the next few months, the investigator(s) at NCIS and the prosecution team from the USMC continued the investigation started by the Boston Police Department.  

In the case of the United States of America versus Lance Corporal Samuel Boris London the following charges have been made:

  • Article 118.2 Murder with intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm (1 count)
  • Article 119.1 Manslaughter – Voluntary (1 count)
  • Article 119.2 Manslaughter – Involuntary (1 count)
  • Article 128.2 Assault consummated by a battery (2 counts)
  • Article 112.A Wrongful use of a controlled substance 

LCpl London is currently in pretrial confinement.  His arraignment is forthcoming.

As a family, we are incredibly grateful to the NCIS Investigative Team and the Marine Corps prosecuting team for their tireless work and constant communication with our family.  Having experienced the disappointment of the Suffolk County Grand Jury’s decision in February, we were reluctant to share that the case was not over.  The current proceedings are part of the public record and we felt it was time to share this news with those who loved Dan and those who have been touched by his story.  

It has been almost 14 months since Dan was attacked outside of his friend’s apartment in Alston, Massachusetts.  We miss him every minute of every day.  We know his loss is felt far beyond our immediate family and while nothing will bring him back, there is no longer the frustration and despair that the accused would not be called to account for their actions.  It may be later than we had hoped, but the justice system is at work.

We do not wish to be contacted for further comment at this time.  We continue to experience a difficult and wide range of emotions.  We expect that our close family and friends also feel this way and ask that you allow us all the time to  support one another and let the professionals do their jobs.  Any person who would claim to know more than we have shared here is only speculating.  We ask that you respect our family’s privacy and allow the justice system to work.

The best way to support us and honor Dan’s memory during this time is to remember the light and goodness Dan brought us every day.  Support our foundation as we continue to aid young people in making the world a better place through building community, healthy competition, and fostering curiosity.  Thank you for your ongoing support and well wishes.

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